Pipe Repair Specialists in Pasco County, FL

Your home or business contains an intricate network of pipes, water supply lines, and drain. Occasionally, you may suffer a leaking pipe, or even a burst one. This is where the professionals at Ken Leonard Plumbing can step in and help you. We are experts at pipe repair work and we will take a meticulous approach to our repair work to ensure we do the job right the first time. Please call us today at 727-534-6417 so we may answer any questions about our services in Pasco County, FL
Repiping Ken Leonard Plumbing Pasco Florida

Repiping Services

In addition to our repair services, we can also re-pipe your home or business. If your water is turning rust colored or you're experiencing low water pressure, then re-piping could be your best solution. We have the expertise to handle this for you, and we will always strive to exceed your expectations. Plus, we use PEX tubing which has fewer joints, does not require glue, and is color coded for hot and cold water lines. We also pledge to ensure your property is clean and tidy once the job is done.
Waterline Repair Ken Leonard Plumbing Pasco Florida

Water Line Repair Services

When your property suffers the break of an underground water line, our experts will rush to the scene as quickly as possible to orchestrate a repair. We use only the most up to date technology to ensure that we pinpoint the problem spots and can offer you comprehensive repair services.